With the help of Agreenium, the executive secretariat of the « 4 for 1000 initiative: soils for food security and Climate”, invited the members to showcase their best operation related to the issues of  the initiative (food security, climate change mitigation and adaptation). It could be related to a public policy, a local innovation, a scientific project, a local or national development project, …

The secretariat intends to present again these posters during the 2nd meeting of the Forum to be held in Bohn (Germany), on November 16, 2017.


Increasing soil carbon on 25,000 ha for water & soil fertility for 30,000 farmers - Livelihoods Venture, France


Soil carbon sequestration and GHGs mitigation in the agriculture sector: Experience in paddy rice cultivation - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and NARO, Japan


The practices and action plans of 4 per 1000 initiative in Taiwan - Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute


Fostering Mitigation-Adaptation Synergy in Tropical Agriculture - CIRAD, France


Greening the desert for food security and carbon sequestration in Egypt: The example of MARSADEV project - CIHEAM - IAM Bari, Italy


Land Degradation Neutrality Fund Project Supporting sustainable land use - MIROVA, France


Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change: Inventories for Agronomic Practices & Soil Carbon - IRTA, Spain


Farming carbon Mobilising farmers’ groups in favour of the 4/1000 initiative - APAD, France


Appui aux exploitants agricoles à la lutte contre la dégradation des terres - ALCALODE, Mali


Upcoming MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) Soils for food security and climate - Agreenium, France


An Approach to Soil Rehabilitation and Carbon Sequestration in India - BAIF, India


Low carbon dairy and beef farms - Institut de l'Elevage, France


Potentiel de séquestration du carbone des sols du Sénégal - Institut National de Pédologie, Sénégal


Monitoring Soil Organic Carbon - AGES, Austria


An Online Platform to Connect Regeneration Projects Around the World - Regeneration International, USA


Vineyard Soil Management: Soil Fertility Parameters and Carbon Sequestration - Hochschule Geisenheim University, Germany



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